B Hygienic Ltd: Terms and Conditions of Rental

Version No: 2.2 / Effective from: 20/07/2016

The Customer agrees to:
Pay in full for the services and or products on the agreement
Ensure that this agreement is signed by an authorised officer of the Customer and his/her position in the company is noted on the agreement.
Ensure that payment is in line with the Company’s payment terms.

1. Conditions

B Hygienic agrees to supply services as detailed in the agreement.
The Customer agrees to pay for the services detailed plus VAT at the appropriate rate annually in advance or by an agreed standing order or direct debit schedule.
The first payment is due in advance unless otherwise agreed. Subsequent payments are due on each anniversary date.

2. Definitions

These Terms and Conditions are between the Company and the Customer.
The Company is B Hygienic Ltd.
The Customer means the party entering into this agreement. When the Customer is a partnership or a Limited Company the obligations under this agreement will be joint and several obligations.

3. Termination

Th​is agreement can only be terminated on its anniversary date. It will continue for the minimum contract period of 60 months from the start date, until thereafter on an annual basis until three months written notice is received prior to the next anniversary date by fax and registered post.

4. Service

The Service means the Hire of the Service which will be provided by B Hygienic Ltd to the Customer as specified above. Any service carried out in addition will be charged at our standard rate.

5. Contract Period

This agreement is for a minimum of 5 years, commencing on the date of installation or renewal of the equipment on the Customer’s premises.

6. Agreement Price

The Agreement Price will be determined by the number of units supplied under the terms of the Contract and the frequency of visits. The customer agrees to pay the total sum detailed overleaf, plus VAT at the appropriate rate in advance due upon receipt of invoice. After the first anniversary date, the Company may increase their charges to reflect any changes in costs.
The Company reserves the right to readjust prices under this contract agreement in the event that the Customer varies the number of the units under the agreement or the service frequencies.
The Company reserves the right to pass on any increase in costs which are brought about by any environmental levies or surcharges imposed by statute, immediately on their enactment.

If there is a delay in payment for more than 75 days the company may suspend ​or terminate the service and can raise any termination charges as per Clause 3. The company will not issue any credits for suspension of service.

7. Equipment

The equipment shall at all times remain the property of the Company. In the event of removal, theft or vandalism of the equipment the Customer shall be responsible for all replacement costs. The Company accepts full responsibility for any damage due to normal wear and tear of the units.
The Company reserves the right to upgrade equipment in line with new or improved specifications. Any changes will serve to re-issue a new contract for the full contract term.

8. Installations

Some equipment including hand-dryers and air sterilisers will require connection to a fused spur isolating switch. The installation of the fused spur is the responsibility of the Customer. In the event of removal of water management systems or sanitizers we will make good the plumbing where necessary by capping of the water connection. Whist reasonable skill and care will be taken to minimise any disturbance, we will not be held liable to make good any damage/changes to the plumbing or decoration due to removal of our equipment.

9. Inspection and Testing

Equipment attached to a fused spur isolating switch is subject to the PAT Testing Regulations which is the responsibility of the Customer.
The Company reserves the right to have access to the Customer’s premises, given reasonable notice to carry out an audit and inspection of the equipment supplied under this agreement.

10. General

The Customer is not entitled to sell, offer for sale, lend, assign, part with or relocate any equipment without the express written permission of the Company.

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